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This page contains descriptions and links to each registration form required by Holmdel Football Association.  Each form can be opened, saved to your home computer, and then printed out for submission at registration.


American Youth Football is a national organization with stringent guidelines for registration. The American Youth Football and Cheer national organization, along with the Jersey Shore Conference, requires proof of each participant’s age, weight, academics, and medical clearance. Providing this information for each participant prior to the start of the season is mandatory. Participants will not be eligible to play or begin practice until the required documents are received.  

There are absolutely no exceptions to this policy.  


At equipment pick-up day, you are required to present the following: 
(Please note : You will not receive any equipment without the information below)


  • Registration Confirmation – Please bring your registration confirmation.
  • Original Birth Certificate and One Copy – For NEW PARTICIPANTS, we need to see the original birth certificate but will immediately return the document to you.  We will keep the copy for our records. **This is NOT required for past HFA participants. Please contact your Team Mom or Head Coach if you are unsure if your child's birth certificate is already certified.**


  • Proof of Medical Insurance – Please know the name and policy number of your insurance carrier, along with the participant’s primary physician. Please provide a copy of the front and back of the medical insurance card.  If the participant is not covered by medical insurance please provide a signed letter stating so.


  • 3 Copies of Year End Report Card:  American Youth Football and Cheer  requires each participant to demonstrate satisfactory academic achievement as evidenced by their report card.  Only Year End Report Cards are acceptable.  Three Copies are required – One for the participant’s registration record, one to submit to the Jersey Shore Conference and one for American Youth Football and Cheer. (NOTE: Copies of Report Cards are not required for the Flag Football Program)


Required Forms


American Youth Football and Cheer  mandates that each participant submit a completed American Youth Football and Cheer the following forms. These  forms must be completed and signed by a parent or legal guardian, The medical clearance form MUST be completed by a licensed state examiner (M.D., D.O., R.N., etc) and be dated after January 1 of the current year.  No other forms or notes will be accepted.  Medical Clearance Form must be complete in its entirety and must be SIGNED or STAMPED by your physician.



  • Waiver of Liability - Minor (click to open and print). Please sign and bring to the first practice. 
  • Concussion Acknowledgement - (click to open and print). Please sign and bring to the first practice. Concussion information may be found by clicking HERE


  • Helmet and Equipment Waiver  - (click to open and print) - Please print, sign, date and bring to equipment handout. (Note: This waiver is not required for Flag Football participants.)



Participants will not be allowed to take part in any American Youth Football and Cheer activities until these forms have been submitted in their entirety. 


IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a American Youth Football and Cheer Rule and there are NO EXCEPTIONS!!